Who Is Ever Ka’eo?

Born in 1999, Ever is one of Hawaii’s youngest jewelry designers, crafting unique and custom pieces filled with Aloha and the akua (spirit) of the islands. Working exclusively with handpicked gemstones, each piece of Ever’s jewelry strives to weave your aka (essence) and ala (path) into a cohesive enhancement to your life and aspirations.

“The personal details you guys put in there are just amazing… this amber teething bracelet is my daughter’s first ever piece of jewelry!” Beth K.

Ever has always been drawn to ancient knowledge with metaphysical aspects and the significance of astrological birthing stones. His mother practices the art of Rune casting and his papa composes music to cleanse and charge the gems and metals that Ever works with. Each piece is handcrafted at his home studio on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Inspired, nourished and designed with intuition and intention. Filled with island Aloha, the beauty of the islands and his many travels is what truly inspires Ever to create.

*We engage with a variety of healing therapists to assist in understanding each personal challenge associated with a purchase of Ever Ka’eo jewelry. These healers prefer to be unnamed, and while emotionally involved in the healing process of each recipient, we must stress that they are not licensed medical professionals and the advice they give is based solely on their anecdotal experience as healers. We believe that people come to this site with a basic understanding of, and interest in our body’s ability to heal itself through natural supplements, therapeutic practices, meditation, the movement of qi through energy pathways and an enhanced connection with our universal being. The surgeon general of the United States could not disagree more, from a professional point of view, but that is her job.

The intake questionnaire is vetted and summarized by our healers for Ever Ka’eo based on the critical information that needs to be translated into the actual piece of jewelry. We do this to ensure that you can be honest and open with an adult who can gain a clear understanding of your personal challenges, without burdening a young intuitive jewelry designer with issues he may not be prepared to handle emotionally. We thank you as a group for participating in this process and helping us do our best to help you find respite in your journey to well being.