Finding The Source of Your Energies

Ever Ka’eo eclipsed what one might imagine as ‘jewelry’ and has instead become a lifestyle of wearable energy. Ever Ka’eo and the therapists who share the journey with him, believe individuals will always gravitate towards that which they need and the gemstones that they will need to create and support balance within all aspects of their own lives.

I’ve had a Breakthrough!

At Ever Ka’eo the design of our jewelry is to help the wearer achieve their desired outcome. We believe it is a success with intention when your healing jewelry breaks. We consider it a breakthrough; a releasing of blocked or old energies, a signal that your desired goal has been reached.

You may have worked through the energy cycle of your Ever Ka’eo piece. Along with restringing the jewelry which aided in your breakthrough, it might be time to consider purchasing another piece of Ever’s jewelry, something that will be more in tune with your energy, more ready to take on your current needs.

If this is true for you, we encourage you to contact us and discuss your new piece of jewelry.

Restringing Your Piece

Should your jewelry break within the first 30-days of receipt/purchase, we will repair the piece at no charge, provided proof of purchase is included with the restring.

A standard labor and shipping fee will be applied to all other repairs (see the Restring/Repair form for details).

If your purchase was made through one of our boutique vendors, we encourage you to send your restring directly to us, along with your original receipt.

When jewelry is restrung all of the gemstones and materials go through a cleansing process. Our restringing service includes evaluation and cleansing of each gemstone and re-charging and energizing of your jewelry. Your jewelry may look slightly different, since jewelry pieces are enhanced with the latest gemstones and materials available.

To have your Ever Ka’eo jewelry restrung follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Fill out and print the Restringing Form <-- click IMPORTANT: Ever Ka'eo must have your payment before any restring work will begin. If paying by Money Order or Check (NOTE: U.S. Money Orders or Checks ONLY), please include along with your Restring piece(s). If you are paying by Credit Card, please prepay and include a copy of receipt from PayPal with your Restringing Form, or email us at, alternatively, you may contact us to arrange payment. Ever Ka'eo WILL NOT contact you for payment; you must contact us before any repairs can be made.
  2. Mail the Form and Jewelry to:
    Ever Ka’eo
    PO BOX 10986
    Lahaina, Hawaii 96761 USA
  3. Packaging Instructions
    It is recommended that you send your jewelry back in a padded envelope and that you insure the package. If the jewelry is lost or stolen in the mail, it is not the responsibility of Ever Ka’eo to replace it.
  4. *Please note that Money Orders must be issued by a United States Bank or Postal Office. |