Where Does The Healing Begin?

Healing is wholeness. It is our whole essence—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All healing comes from within and can be assisted by an outside source, setting the healing notion in motion. This outside source can appear in many forms, including; Aural, Smell, Taste, Sensory Touch, and Visual Stimulation. No matter which source you use in your own healing, it is all Energy.

“I explored your Facebook page and your work is absolutely exquisite! The word is spreading fast…” Amy F., The Alive! Committee

Healing stones absorb and balance the energy in your chakras. Working with healing stones may help you find the strength and courage to find the help you need for a physical or mental problem you may be experiencing. Sometimes you will lose a stone(s) or they will break into pieces, all that means is that you are done with that particular stones healing properties, or it has absorbed too much negative energy without being cleansed. Healing focuses on the needs of the soul and seeks to transform the root causes behind discomfort, anxiety and illnesses. Healing provides spiritual enlightenment, shining a light in a healthier direction, so that you may take steps towards a more connected you.

“We received our bracelets today!! Thank you so much. :) I have been meaning to email you all day but it’s been a busy one! Sorry bout that. I absolutely LOVE them!! They are so gorgeous. The vibrational energy is insane! I really cannot thank you enough for the whole package!! Easy to follow instructions and simply gorgeous pieces of true art. We feel so blessed…” Hillary A. ‘The Psychic Eye Boutique’

We recommend that anyone who wants a piece custom designed either contact us with specific requirements for your needs to be met with the piece or let us know if you’d like a remote session, done via email. We will send you a follow up email with a few questions so we can get some important and elemental information from you. This allows us to create a piece specifically charged for your energy. Also, can be an ideal way to purchase for a loved one as a gift. Some of the questions we ask may be about what colors you are drawn to, if you have specific physical disabilities or emotional concerns, etc. We’ve found that this helps people to open up to the possibility of the piece and helps Ever create something that is not just beautiful but that will also find a place in your aura.

What’s In The Box?

When you receive your custom piece from Ever you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. We don’t just send your bracelet or neck piece in a plastic baggie. We lovingly place the cleansed and charged piece on a neutral organic cotton pillow inside a recycled Kraft paper box so it will not absorb any negativity on it’s way to you. Also with your piece you’ll get a keepsake card that explains the key elements to your piece and full instructions for caring for your new healing gemstone jewelry.

“When I hold my neck piece up to the light, I just get transported again and again… There is so much more to each stone than meets the eye…” Jemma L.

*Please make sure you are the first person to touch the piece so it instantly ‘vibrates’ to your energy. We recommend that you wear your healing bracelet for 3, 5 or 7 days straight through, removed only for bathing or sleep if you prefer. This should give your body time to adapt to the healing energies of the stones.